At its peak, the myspic index rose slightly on Oct

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On October 19, the myspic index rose slightly

the domestic steel spot market continued to rise slightly on October 19. Stimulated by the higher forward price in the past few days and the good news of the 12th Five Year Plan, the market terminal demand has been active, and there has been a large volume of transactions. Some businesses take this opportunity to continue to raise their quotations. However, after the price rises, the market transactions have shrunk, and the wait-and-see mentality still exists. On October 19, the myspic composite index was 157.5 points, up 0.1% from the previous trading day

10 the base has built a whole industry chain from electrolytic copper to final copper based new materials. On January 19, the flat material index was 140.2 points, down 0.1% from the previous trading day. Both the hot rolling index and the medium thickness index fell 0.1%. In the hot rolling market, the Shanghai market fell slightly, while the other markets remained stable. Transactions in Shanghai hot rolling market have been sluggish in recent days, and downstream users are not enthusiastic about purchasing. "Gold nine silver ten" "The traditional peak sales season of is almost over, but the market inventory has not decreased. Businesses expect that with the arrival of the sales off-season in the fourth quarter, the market inventory pressure will increase unabated. Affected by this, the mentality of businesses is poor, and some businesses continue to decline their quotations, with strong willingness to ship. On October 19, the hot-rolled 3.0mm in Shanghai market fell by 20 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day. In the thick and medium-sized market, Lecong market fell. Lecong thick and medium-sized market has become a success in recent days." The delivery has been weak. Because the market is in a state of high inventory and low demand, businesses are generally not optimistic about the recent market and have a poor mentality. On the 19th, some varieties of resources fell, and a few businesses still remained stable and wait-and-see. On October 19, the thickness of Lecong market was 20mm, down 20 yuan/ton from the previous trading day

on October 19, the Longwood index was 174.3 points, up 0.2% from the previous trading day. On the 19th, the forward price of domestic steel fell, of which the snail owner 1105 closed at 4488, down 0.86%. Contrary to the forward price trend, the domestic long timber spot market continued to rise slightly on the 19th. Among them, the Shanghai market and Wuhan market rose relatively significantly. The Shanghai market was boosted by the strengthening of the external market over the weekend and the high opening of forward prices in the previous trading day, which made it difficult for the local market to seize the strategic commanding height; 3. The resource utilization capacity is not high, and the trading volume is large. Therefore, starting from the technical standard gb/t50344 (2) 004 of building structure testing on the 19th, the market merchants will continue to raise their quotations, and there will be no need to use copper wire mesh. However, after the price rise, market transactions were suppressed, and the wait-and-see atmosphere still flooded the market. Wuhan market was boosted by the good atmosphere of the market, and market prices continued to rise. The market reflected that the transaction was better than that in the early stage. In addition, the sound of limited production still exists. The reduction and limited production of steel mills made merchants reluctant to sell, and the willingness to ship goods was not strong, which also promoted the rise of prices. On October 19, the thread HRB335 20mm in Shanghai market and Wuhan market increased by 20 yuan/ton and 40 yuan/ton respectively compared with the previous trading day

in terms of regions, the index of central and southern China increased the most, with an increase of 0.4%. Mainly due to the large increase in Wuhan long timber market, the regional index rose significantly

*myspic index, fully known as "my steel price index", is a comprehensive national steel spot price index made by "my steel" according to the daily market price, reflecting the comprehensive price trend of major varieties and regions in the domestic steel market

myspic index on October 19

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