At last, another printing factory in Bagualing mov

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stick to it until the end. Another printing factory in Bagualing moved.

some friends said that the printing industry in Shenzhen Bagualing was upgraded, and most of the factories were relocated. It is really a miracle that this printing factory can survive until now

Bagualing Printing Industrial Park, once the leading printing industry group in China, has more than 1000 printing plants, large and small, at its peak, and is known as "within ten steps, there must be printing plants"

for many people who came out of Bagualing, Bagualing is the place where they worked and fought; For the printing industry, Bagualing is one of the famous printing holy places in China. In the heyday, you can easily count more than ten factories with the word "printing" in their names by standing anywhere in Bagualing and looking around. No matter which building is not affected by humidity, you can see all kinds of signs to attract printing business, white posters, flashing LED displays, propaganda words posted on Windows... All kinds of information related to printing are beyond your imagination

in this old building, there are also crouching tigers, hidden dragons, and many well-known enterprises in the industry are "lurking" among them. Even those who are not famous can't be underestimated. There are almost all the world's most advanced printing equipment, such as Heidelberg printing machine, Martini linkage line, MBO folding machine

people who do printing in Bagualing know that at the beginning of development, many enterprises started their businesses with the help of relatives, friends and fellow villagers. You have a printing machine for printing, I have a folding machine for binding, and he has a binding machine for binding. In this way, one job goes to several factories. Later, enterprises with only one printing machine had two printing machines, and one folding machine became two. After that, those who do printing also buy post press equipment, and those who do post press also buy printing equipment, which develops and expands step by step

up to now, the prosperity of Bagualing printing industry has become a smoke in the past. In just 30 years, it is also said that the evaluation is very good, and the printing industry is a sea of vicissitudes

a printer sighed that three layers of skin must be removed before moving the factory. Now there is overcapacity and equipment depreciation is fast. I don't know how much the value of this machine can be higher than the cost value of handling

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