A brief analysis of the difficulties in the green

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A brief analysis of the difficulties in the green transformation of China's paper industry

the development of China's paper industry is completely driven by market demand. At present, the industry is facing serious constraints of resources and environment, and we must speed up the transformation of sustainable development. Caozhenlei, Secretary General of China Paper Association and deputy general manager of China Light Industry Group, said in an exclusive interview on June 13 that due to the lack of basic research, the green transformation of the paper industry is fraught with difficulties

pulping is the core link of papermaking process, which is closely related to energy conservation and emission reduction and improving product quality. The 16th International Conference on wood, fiber and Pulping Chemistry, which focuses on basic research and cutting-edge topics such as efficient utilization of plant fiber resources and environment-friendly production technology, was recently held by the China papermaking society, angel upper platen and sample surface contact Tianjin University of science and technology. Nearly 400 experts and scholars from 22 countries and regions including the United States and Canada attended the meeting, but there were no more than 10 domestic participating enterprises, which was too few compared with thousands of paper-making enterprises in China

enterprises are eager for quick success and instant benefits. The prosperity brought by the market is only temporary, not long-term. Cao Zhenlei reminded that the sound development of the whole industry needs to be based on solid basic research

it is reported that China has ranked first in the world in the production and consumption of paper and paperboard for two consecutive years. Although people cannot live without paper, the paper industry has been criticized and listed as one of the seven industries with high energy consumption and high pollution in the national economy

chenxuezhong, President of China Paper Association and vice president of China Light Industry Federation, said that China now has the world's largest pulping equipment and the paper machine with the widest width, the highest speed and the most advanced automation level. China's paper industry has made great progress in industrial structure, layout, equipment level, pollution control and sustainable development. However, Cao Zhenlei told that these equipment are imported, and the domestic paper machine is about the international second-class level, that is, half of the international most advanced level

according to the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of the paper industry announced by the State Council, the optimization of the industrial structure of the paper industry, improving the utilization rate of fiber resources, energy conservation and emission reduction, improving the industrial technology level, and realizing the low-carbon, green and sustainable development of the paper industry are the strategic goals for the development of the paper industry, which cannot find out the causes of fatigue damage in the future

Cao Zhenlei said that due to the impact of electronic media, the amount of paper used in most countries, including China, is declining, while the amount of packaging and household paper has increased significantly. Cao Zhenlei is worried that, driven by the market, household paper has become a hot spot for investment and construction in the paper industry, and is likely to become the next area of overcapacity

in fact, the paper industry in Europe and the United States has long focused on the large industrial chain of biomass, such as the biomass refining project, which is to convert plant fibers into biomass energy, which is a new direction of fiber chemistry research. Cao Zhenlei said that from papermaking to renewable energy, we need not only to invest a lot of money, but also have solid basic research to support it. Basic research is related to the future development of the industry and has guiding and common characteristics. It is difficult for market driven enterprises to pay attention to it. It needs to be carried out at the national level. How can Hubei's new material industry achieve the goal of "doubling" its revenue? Input and joint research

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