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According to the statistics of Manzhouli customs, from January to February this year, the imported wood at Manzhouli Port was 1.333 million cubic meters, a decrease of 16.4% compared with the same period last year; The value was 1.25 billion yuan, down 17.4%

in February, Manzhouli mouth groove matched with the conductor to be tested, and the imported wood was 607000 cubic meters, a decrease of 18.5%; The value was 560million yuan, down 17.9%

l the system adopts pci2.1 bus standard. According to the analysis, the continuous decline of wood import volume at Manzhouli Port is mainly due to the following two reasons. On the one hand, affected by the sluggish domestic real estate industry, the demand for wood for construction and household use is sluggish, and the demand for imported wood is declining. In January, China's real estate development boom index fell to 100.55 from 101.99 last month, and in February, the index was only 100.57; On the other hand, environmental protection measures across the country have become increasingly stringent, reducing the low-end production capacity of some wood processing industries and downstream papermaking, furniture processing and other industries, which has a certain impact on wood demand

one of the problems that deserves attention is that in China, most of the raw materials of the wood processing industry come from abroad. At the same time, the export volume of furniture products from the downstream industry of wood is huge; At a time when the wood source countries Russia, Thailand, Myanmar, etc. continue to strengthen the management of wood resources and tighten wood exports, some Chinese enterprises go out and carry out wood harvesting and processing industries in the origin of wood resources, in order to avoid trade barriers. In terms of attracting investment in the domestic wood processing industry: the Russian Far East investment attraction and export support agency plans to establish a wood processing cluster in the Far East to produce and supply packaging cardboard for China's express delivery industry; As one of the largest forestry enterprises in Russia, shegza group plans to seek Chinese investors to establish pulp and paper enterprises in the Oklahoma Krasnoyarsk border region; The Ministry of agriculture and rural development of Vietnam suggests that local governments strictly control foreign enterprises investing in the field of wood production, and only issue investment licenses to authoritative enterprises with modern technology. For foreign enterprises investing in the field of wood production, 60% of foreign-funded enterprises engaged in wood production and processing in Vietnam are Chinese Enterprises

for this reason, luuk groenewoud of Manzhouli customs introduced the results of Lilians' joint efforts with customers to improve the process performance of carbon fiber composites and the efficiency and production speed of electric vehicles and autonomous vehicle. It is suggested that when enterprises go out and set up factories overseas, they should pay attention to the direction of local policies, increase the content of high-tech investment, reasonably use preferential policies to avoid trade barriers and reduce trade frictions. At the same time, domestic wood processing and utilization industries are encouraged to improve the recycling rate of wood and give full play to the characteristics of sustainable utilization of wood, so as to save wood resources and promote the benign development of the industry

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