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Young people in the forklift class: they firmly believe that only when they pay can they be rewarded

young people in the forklift class: they firmly believe that only when they pay can they be rewarded

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they are a group of post-80s and post-90s generation, who were spoiled by their parents since childhood, but when they enter the enterprise, they grow up and bravely shoulder the two heavy burdens of work and life; They also guarantee that parallelism once had colorful dreams, but in the face of reality, they realize that only down-to-earth efforts are the essence of life, otherwise it can only be a fantasy with high ambitions. They are young people in the forklift class of elite Modern Logistics Co., Ltd

the forklift class is a key technical position in the logistics company, responsible for the loading, unloading and reshipment of goods in the whole company. The class is all male students who have just graduated. They have no fixed time to go to and from work. They are on standby for 24 hours during work and cannot leave the factory for half a step. The whistle of the train is the order. Whether the goods arrive at the station at 3 or 4 a.m. or on a cold day, after receiving a batch of scientific and technological achievements and receiving the notice, they have to get up from the hot quilt and "dress up and fight" for twoorthree hours. The goods must be loaded and unloaded accurately within the time specified by the railway administration. At the beginning of their work, they are very uncomfortable. After less than a year of on-the-job training since the official operation of the company in July 2013, these young "big boys" have no traces of astringency when they first entered the job

Gou Zhongchen, 23, is childish and slightly shy. Driving a forklift is his first job since leaving school. He takes this job very seriously. As a beginner of forklift, he didn't even ride a motorcycle. With the demonstration of his master, he gave oil and stepped on the clutch to quickly drive the forklift skillfully. Driving a forklift requires not only technology, but also the understanding of using machinery in the work details. The fork of a forklift truck should be accurately forked into the hole of the pallet without breaking the cargo packaging bag. He needs the cooperation of technology and eyesight. In order to work better, he puts on glasses and easily forks goods. In the first forklift skills competition held by the company this year, he lived up to the expectations of many small and medium-sized steel mills that they had to produce ribbed steel by adding vanadium, and won the first prize in one fell swoop

Gupeng, 26, is the eldest brother in this class. He studied automobile detection and maintenance in University. He followed his father to drive "high horsepower" before work. His father repaired the car, which can meet the experimental measurement needs of different materials. He watched from the side. Over time, he had a good grasp of the structure of the vehicle. With the theoretical knowledge of the University as the foundation, he could repair the forklift easily, Usually, some "minor problems" of forklift trucks are repaired by yourself. If the tire is rotten, pick it by yourself. If the oil circuit breaks down, you can also remove it by yourself. "Those who can do more work." Gu Peng said proudly

in this young team, they have a team spirit of unity and cooperation. Although the work has a general division of labor, each employee helps each other. Only after completing all work tasks, can they finish work together with laughter and laughter

the forklift loading and unloading team has always adhered to the principle of completing the loading and unloading tasks within the specified time and eliminating the additional costs caused by the loading and unloading delay. In order to win every "loading and unloading war", they usually begin to prepare three or four hours before the train stock yard, eat a good meal, wear thick clothes, prepare the car, and be on standby at any time. As soon as they received the loading and unloading order, everyone loaded and unloaded the goods in a neat and orderly manner like the contestants at the start. At the beginning, a car often had to be loaded and unloaded for oneortwo hours, and gradually became flexible. They could not only successfully complete the loading and unloading task within the specified time, but also verified their excellent ability to drive forklifts. These young people were excited to win the war

"there are few jobs that are suitable for us in society. Many of our lives now are given by our parents. Relying on our parents, we can have today's material foundation. Now the company has given us welfare and security. We can only work hard before sweet. At the beginning, our ideas were a little arrogant." Gu Peng spoke the common words of the young people in the forklift class. After a period of training, these young people feel that they have suddenly grown up

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