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Causes and Countermeasures of coal mine habitual violations the so-called habitual violations refer to the habitual illegal command, illegal operation and violation of labor discipline that the enterprise employees gradually develop in a long period of time and do not act in accordance with the articles of association

II. Reasons for the formation of habitual violations:

there are many reasons for the formation of habitual violations. According to its actual performance, it can be summarized as follows:

1. The quality of employees is low. Due to historical reasons, industry characteristics, employment system and other factors, the overall quality of employees engaged in the coal industry is low, especially the low cultural level, which makes it difficult to learn and master professional basic knowledge, For the regulations of coal mining enterprises, the main regulations are that the buffer failure process cannot be understood, understood, remembered, or done. Sometimes, there are even violations but no violations. There are quite a number of underground workers who are simply "code blind". If they do not understand the code, it is difficult to follow the code

2. Low level of site management. Most of the site management personnel are selected from the workers, have not received systematic training, rely on traditional experience and practices to manage, and lack scientific management knowledge and professional theoretical knowledge. ① Some traditional practices and experiences have Habitual Violation factors, resulting in command violation. On the one hand, such violation is easy to cause group violation; on the other hand, the violation of on-site management personnel is easy to lead to the evil result of superior and inferior effects. ② The on-site management personnel have poor awareness of "safety first", and some pursue tasks and ignore safety; Some of the management is not standardized, and the employees who find violations do not care or turn a blind eye, resulting in the employees who violate the regulations have no scruples and no fear. ③ The on-site management personnel can not correctly use their power, command against rules and regulations, and the employees refuse to work and treat each other with cards, penalties and deductions. Causing employees' helpless violation

3. The influence of traditional customary practices. Coal mining has a long history. The long-term practice has accumulated many experiences and lessons, which has played a positive role in strengthening safety management. However, there are also some bad habits and operation methods that will survive due to the replacement of new and old workers. As some new workers argue when they violate rules, "I don't know whether to violate rules or not. That's what my teacher taught me after I went to work." For example, the underground "open fire, leakage detection and car catching" are all of this kind

4. Different types of personal temperament. From the perspective of psychology, people's temperament can be divided into four types: sanguine, bilious, mucinous and depressive. Due to the difference of temperament types, different types of people have different views and reactions to the same thing. Sanguine people are frivolous, active, sensitive, but easy to be scattered; Bilious people are courageous, aggressive and easy to be willful. These two kinds of people are easy to act recklessly and take risks. Mucinous people are slow in reaction and inflexible in action. This type of people are prone to accidents passively due to their inflexible response. Sometimes it is difficult to move, and it is often found in this kind of violation, such as lying down underground

5. Influence of family environment. The influence of family environment plays an important role in Habitual Violation of rules. ① the quality of employees' family members. Those with high level of family culture and knowledge can consciously abide by the rules under the influence of family education. However, if the quality of family members is low, the level of family education is relatively low, but in many cases, such as the father and brother, they are reckless, so they are easy to cause Habitual Violation of rules. ② The impact of economic conditions at home, so people with better economic conditions are not easy to cause habitual violations. The upper layer is the e-commerce platform. The impact of the family living environment, such as people who have a lot of housework, is easy to cause violations such as "grabbing cars and cans" in order to be busy with housework

with its good damage resistance, fire resistance and permeability resistance (including various liquids including special hydraulic working oil) 6. Changes in regulations and procedures. With the development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of management level, the introduction, application and promotion of new technologies, new equipment and new processes. In order to adapt to this change, the provisions of some laws and regulations must also be updated at any time. There may be two phenomena. One is that the new technical equipment is applied, and the regulations are not updated. Some employees take advantage of the loopholes and adopt the traditional practices, resulting in habitual violations. The other is that the new laws and regulations are issued. In the alternation between the new and the old, some people do not understand enough, and copy the old regulations, resulting in violations

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