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Causes and Countermeasures of electrical fire in public entertainment places in recent two years, with the increasing number of social public cultural entertainment places, the fire in public entertainment places has also shown a rapid growth trend. In 1994 alone, 2683 such fires occurred in China, killing 747 people and injuring 367 people. The implementation of new energy vehicles was directly assessed on May 15, with an economic loss of 130million yuan. Especially, there were 62 catastrophic fires, with direct losses of up to 80million yuan

the fire was so serious that the government attached great importance to it. In January, 1995, the Ministry of Public Security issued the regulations on fire control management in public entertainment places, which was conscientiously implemented by local fire control supervision departments. In 1995, 180000 public entertainment places were specially treated throughout the country, sealed up according to law, closed down for rectification, fined 14000, and rectified a large number of fire hazards. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of industrial production requirements, Some results have been achieved. However, with the normal operation of public entertainment places and the increasing number of new, reconstructed and newly decorated public entertainment places, the fire hazard is more serious. In 1995, there were 24 catastrophic fires in public entertainment places, 132 people were killed and 73 injured, with a direct economic loss of 71.15 million yuan, accounting for one third of the total loss of catastrophic fires. Facts tell us that the fire situation in public entertainment places is still very serious

how to contain and reduce the fire in public entertainment places should not only strictly implement relevant fire control laws and regulations, strengthen supervision and strictly carry out fire safety inspection, but also carefully study and discuss the fire law in public entertainment places and formulate corresponding countermeasures

the author classified 50 cases in public entertainment places in 1994, including 33 electrical fires, 4 liquefied gas fires, 4 smoking, 2 candle ignition, 2 arson and 3 unknown causes. Among them, the electrical fire accounts for 66%, which is one of the main reasons for the catastrophic fire in public entertainment places

according to comprehensive analysis, winter is the season of frequent fire in public entertainment places, and night is the time of frequent fire in winter. The number of electrical fires is more than that of smoking, candle lighting and other fires

the main causes of electrical fire in public entertainment places are: 1. Congenital deficiencies in electrical design and installation, and inadequate electrical facilities. In general, there are many lighting and electric equipment in public entertainment places, and the power consumption is large. Some lines are not designed and installed according to the electrical installation regulations, and the conductors fail to meet the safe current carrying load standard. The lines are overloaded, and a large amount of heat accelerates the aging of the wire insulation layer, resulting in short circuit. 2. The installation and construction quality of electrical equipment is poor. Some electrical equipment and lines cannot be installed according to the design requirements, especially the lines inside the concealed works do not pass through the pipes according to the regulations, and the phenomenon that the pipes are not in place is also common; The line interface is loose, and the phenomenon of random pulling and connection is serious. 4. Some luxury decoration uses a large number of combustible decorative materials. 5. Imperfect rules and regulations or lax implementation. Most fires in public entertainment places occur after 0:00 at night. After restaurants and dance halls close at night, some electrical equipment and lighting fixtures leave people in a hurry without cutting off the power supply; Some electrical appliances are hot after long-time operation, and cannot be checked and rectified in time. 6. Neglect fire safety. A considerable number of public entertainment places have not been installed with automatic alarm and automatic sprinkler fire-fighting facilities as required, the fire-fighting access is not smooth, the fire-fighting problems can not meet the requirements, the fire-fighting organization system is not sound, the hotel and ballroom principals have a fluke mentality, are unwilling to invest in the fire-fighting safety without benefits, and do not pay attention to the rectification of the problems found in the inspection, and delay again and again

how to prevent electrical fire in public entertainment places

the author believes that, first, it is necessary to strictly implement the relevant national laws and regulations such as the regulations on fire control in public entertainment places issued by the Ministry of public security and the electrical safety regulations. All localities not only put forward higher requirements for the friction coefficient of films in combination with special treatment, but also studied the strength inspection of nanocomposites with adjacent layers pulled in the opposite direction using these models, It is also necessary to carry out spot checks frequently and continuously. It is necessary to ensure that the fire safety of public entertainment places is constantly grasped. Hotels and dance halls that do not comply with the fire management regulations and have major fire risks should be closed firmly. We must not tolerate accommodation and bring disasters. Second, fire safety education and technical training should be regularly conducted for the heads of public entertainment units such as hotels, dance halls and their key posts, electricians and other personnel, so as to work with certificates. The hotel and ballroom shall regularly carry out fire knowledge publicity and fire safety education to all employees, establish and improve various safety rules and regulations, patrol after work, room duty, electricity and fire and other post personnel must be dutiful. Third, the electrical equipment problems found in the safety inspection of public entertainment places, such as unqualified electrical design and installation, aging lines, unmatched electrical facilities, disorderly use and overload, must be instructed to make serious rectification. If the capacity is increased, the capacity shall be increased, and the unqualified electrical equipment shall be replaced immediately. Fourth, the public security fire control supervision department should strengthen the supervision of public entertainment places according to law. Hotels, dance halls and other public entertainment places that do not comply with the fire control regulations and have major fire risks should be closed down and rectified. Relevant fire control supervisors should be equipped with corresponding electrical equipment inspection and testing instruments, and regularly spot check whether the electrical equipment of hotels and dance halls is installed correctly, Whether the electrical circuit is overloaded, etc. if any hidden danger is found, it shall be rectified within a time limit. If it is delayed for a long time, it shall be handled according to law

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