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The cause and elimination of the "stuck car" fault of offset press

the paper feeding stuck car refers to the problem that during the lithography operation, due to improper adjustment of the paper feeding system, multiple sheets of paper enter between the rollers, sometimes even dozens of sheets of paper, resulting in sudden shutdown. This phenomenon is usually referred to as "stuck car". This will not only affect the printing efficiency, but also damage the blanket, seriously damage the equipment and cause huge economic losses. Next, I will make an analysis of the reasons and solutions for the stuffy car of Zhang offset press in accelerating the whole industry chain development of biological materials in our province

one. Common haraoka

1. the double sheet controller is improperly adjusted or fails. When multiple sheets of paper are input, if the signal cannot be effectively sent to interrupt the paper feeding, multiple sheets of paper will be rolled between the embossing cylinder and the rubber cylinder, resulting in stuffy driving

2. front gauge photoelectric detection fails. During normal operation of the printing machine, if the paper arrives at the front gauge early, late, skew, lack of angle, curling and lack of paper, the front gauge shall stop swinging in time to prevent the paper from entering the drum again. At the same time, swing the paper feeding teeth to open the teeth and do not take the paper in, and the machine slows down and the drum is out of pressure following the

. The ink roller is lifted up, and the water transfer roller and ink transfer roller stop swinging. If the electrical control circuit fails, it is easy to roll multiple sheets of paper between the impression cylinder and the rubber cylinder, resulting in stuffy car

3. paper adhesion is easily caused by static electricity or adhesive edge (poor cutting or damp) or the ink on the first side is not dry during secondary printing. However, the operator did not twist the paper loose when loading the paper, which is easy to cause a stack of adhesive paper to roll into the machine drum and cause stuffy car

4. the parts (suction nozzle, blowing, paper pressing, paper stopper, etc.) at the Feida are not adjusted properly, and the paper feeding is abnormal. It is easy to cause several pieces of paper to reach the front gauge at the same time, resulting in stuffy driving. To achieve the desired result

5, foreign matters such as wedge-shaped plug, paper strip and tools (wrench, etc.) are transported to the front gauge along with the paper and rolled into the drum, resulting in stuffy driving

treatment method of two feeding stuffy car

1. if there is less paper feeding, use positive and negative dot printing machine or turning mode as far as possible

2. if necessary, make it easy; There is a lot of paper in the world. You can use a wrench to turn the hexagon screw on the clutch shaft head on the rubber drum operating surface, and use the manual pressure release method to release the rubber drum from the pressure. If there is still no effect, the only way is to chisel off the laminate (lining paper, blanket, rolled paper) in the laminate area. Use a screwdriver to chisel off the pressing area of the pressing area. At this time, pay special attention not to damage the surface of the embossing cylinder and the rubber cylinder

most of the paper feeding stuffy accidents are caused by the operator's lack of strength in the work center, sloppy work, leaving the work post without permission and other factors. Therefore, in daily work, we should not only pay attention to the adjustment of the paper feeding system, but also strengthen the maintenance and repair of the machinery, but also strengthen the management, cultivate the operator's heart, and try our best to avoid man-made stuffy accidents

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