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When choosing furniture, because consumers are not familiar with furniture products, they often rely on store promotion, which is easy to fall into the trap of merchants. Kaisheng wooden door tells you a few purchase mistakes, so that you can be a smart consumer

when shopping, we always compare which is more cost-effective and economical before deciding whether to buy. It's the same with choosing decoration doors. We should compare them in many ways before reaching a conclusion. However, the comparison of doors is not only the comparison of prices, but also needs to be weighed from all aspects of the door. Many consumers do not know why, blindly listen to others' marketing, it is easy to buy inferior products and spend money wrongly. Next, let's briefly introduce several misunderstandings in the purchase of wood doors:

misunderstandings in the purchase of wood doors 1:" Huali " It's not Hainan Huali

last year's lawsuit about wooden door tree species. The logo on the door of the exclusive store is "e; Rosewood "e;, Consumers thought it was Hainan Huanghua pear, and they found that the goods were not in the right board after buying it and took it to court; The shopping guide said that during the sales process, the customer was informed that it was Guyi Sumu (the scientific name of Brazilian pear). It can be seen that there are many problems such as confusion of wood logo, inadequate explanation of shopping guide and misleading consumers

it is understood that at present, there are some wooden door enterprises in the wooden door market that use similar wood to replace precious wood species, such as Brazil pear as Myanmar pear, whose price difference is more than double. The most confusing ones are Hainan Huanghua pear, Myanmar Huali, Brazil Huali or Africa Huali. According to Chu Chibing, general manager of Guangzhou Zhiya wooden door, the scientific name of Brazilian Huali is ancient Yisu wood, and the scientific name of Hainan huanghuali is Dalbergia odorifera. Among them, African Huali does not belong to mahogany

zhangguolin, chairman of the wooden door special committee of the China Timber Circulation Association, said that in recent years, the wooden door association and the Academy of forestry have formulated many standards and specifications on regulating the commodity names of tree species in circulation, with detailed notes and specifications for the scientific names, Latin names, English names, commonly used names in the past and misleading names of wood. Consumers should consult in detail before buying and ask carefully when buying so as not to waste money

misunderstanding of wood door purchase 2: solid wood doors are not all solid wood

solid wood composite doors are the most popular and promising varieties in the market at present. It is the crystallization of the combination of Chinese traditional solid wood composite paint door and European composite door.. And about "e; Solid wood "e; The concept debate is still unclear. The concepts of raw wood doors, solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors and molded wood doors often confuse consumers

from the perspective of consumers, solid wood doors are wooden doors made of logs as the only material and the same tree species, which are made without boards, veneers or laminations. However, many consumers found that the solid wood door they bought home began to deform or even crack after a year and a half. It is understood that this situation is mostly caused by the cracking of wooden doors caused by the filling of hard but not tough miscellaneous wood by manufacturers in order to save costs. In addition, due to the physical characteristics of wood itself, if the manufacturer starts production before dehydration, it is easy to cause the wood door to deform and burst. Therefore, experts remind consumers that when buying solid wood doors, they must go to regular franchised stores, and do not lose money for small things

misunderstanding of wooden door purchase 3: the label price is not the total price of the door

when the author visited the building materials market, he saw a label on a teak door in a wooden door store that said 4550 yuan/square meter, and took it for granted that the price of the door was 4550 yuan, but it was not. The shopping guide told the author that this set of doors needs more than 12000 yuan. According to Miss Li, the shopping guide of Runcheng Chuangzhan mumenyuancun mountaintop franchise store, the price of the whole wooden door includes three parts: door leaf price, door frame price and wood thread price. The door leaf is the main body of the door, which is priced by square meters; The door frame includes front and rear sides, calculated by perimeter; The wooden line is the joint part wrapped around the door frame and the wall, which is priced by meter. In addition, the prices of solid wood doors and solid wood composite doors do not include hardware locks. Of course, if it is a composite solid wood door marked with special price, it already includes three parts of the price, and customers only need to buy the door lock

pay attention to the purchase of wooden doors and clarify blind spots and misunderstandings! Being a smart consumer is also a great inspiration to the brand of high-quality products




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