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When decorating, everyone wants a fashionable and tall home. They usually spend a lot of money to decorate the living room and room, but ignore the important place of daily life - the bathroom. What should we pay attention to in toilet design

the bathroom is the most private place in every family. Although it is not open to welcome guests like the living room, the importance of a good bathroom to the family is self-evident

although the bathroom is small, it takes a lot of thought to decorate it. If you are not careful, it will affect the convenience of life in the future. Le Zai has heard friends complain about the poor design of the bathroom more than once, either there is no socket here, or there is nothing to install a faucet first. Or it is difficult to clean up the accumulated water on the floor. So, how can the design of water and circuit for toilet decoration be perfect? Today, Le Zai asked a senior water and electricity master to tell you about the water and electricity design of the toilet

I. precautions for toilet decoration:

1. Angle valves should be installed in washbasins and toilet pipes to facilitate future maintenance

2. When installing other bathroom products, pay attention to avoid the water pipes and circuits on the wall. Remember! It is best to consult the archived photos of waterway circuits in advance

3. When workers install exhaust fans, they should pay attention to whether to install ventilation pipes and seals (some workers are lazy, which saves this step, and your home will smell every day in the future.)

4. The power switch should be installed in a waterproof box

5. Conduct pressure test after the pipeline is completed, and then conduct waterproof treatment

6. After the floor drain is installed, the flushing test should be carried out quickly. (during the installation process, cement will fall into the sewer! After a long time, it will be damp and solidify! So the sewer will be blocked.)

7. If it is difficult to install the washing machine in the bathroom, you can consider installing it in the balcony kitchen and small hall, which can also prolong the service life of the washing machine. (the premise is that there is water supply, drainage and power supply.)

8. The floor drain should often open the cover to clean up the hair and other debris inside, and then put some water inside! Prevent aftertaste

9. There should be a threshold stone at the door of the bathroom! Pay attention to sealing the bottom! Otherwise, if the floor is paved outside, the floor will be damaged by blisters

10. Pay attention to the lights in the bathroom! It is best to choose the anti fog, waterproof and energy-saving lamp with cold light source (characterized by safety and power saving)

11. You can change the single faucet of the washing machine into a mixing faucet! In this case, there will be hot water for washing clothes

12. It is also important to choose exhaust air! The power should be high and the sound should be low, and the wind should not turn down

II. Circuit:

1. It's best to leave a socket behind the toilet (it's convenient to install toilet cleaners later. If you don't use it first, you can ask the electrician to wrap the wire head and buckle a panel)

2. Leave a socket switch on the right side of the washbasin (which can blow the wind after taking a bath and control the switch of the front lamp of the mirror)

3. Socket of washing machine. (the switches of the main lights and exhaust fans in the bathroom are usually outside the bathroom; the lines are usually above the ceiling.)

III. waterway:

1. A faucet of the washing machine

2. A faucet of the mop pool (it is better to leave a faucet to clean the mop without a mop pool)

3. Reserve the water inlet and outlet of the water heater

4. A toilet interface

5. Two cold and hot water outlets of the washbasin

6 Two floor drains: a washing machine and a shower

the above is the water and electricity design scheme and precautions for toilet decoration provided by Le Yicha. Of course, every family is different. Although experience is suitable for general families, Xiaobian reminds us to design according to the actual situation of our own family! There are precautions provided by Le Yijia for you, and you are no longer afraid to be overwhelmed by decoration




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