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Lamp is the eye and soul of home. The shape and lighting effect of lamp directly affect the atmosphere, beauty and even health of home life

lamp is the eye and soul of home. The shape and lighting effect of lamp directly affect the atmosphere, beauty and even health of home life. Ordinary houses are roughly divided into bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms, kitchens and toilets, and different spaces require different lighting. However, the limitation of floor height determines that the main style is nothing more than ceiling lamps (for bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways) -- a small number of semi hanging chandeliers, kitchen and bathroom lamps (kitchen, bathroom) and energy-saving lamps used as light sources

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bedroom and living room lights: shape first

the theme of bedroom is always warm. To avoid depression, ceiling lights are preferred. Of course, for convenience and decoration, desk lamps are also indispensable lamps in bedrooms. In 2009, the popular ceiling lamps for bedrooms are mainly acrylic and aluminum acrylic. When purchasing, try to pursue simple shapes, soft colors and not fancy. Of course, the ceiling lamp used in children's room is an exception, and the lively and colorful cartoon flavor is the eternal theme. As for the choice of acrylic or aluminum acrylic, it depends on your preference. Generally speaking, because acrylic is suitable for processing, the shape will be more changeable, while aluminum acrylic is generally more simple and atmospheric

the living room is the public domain of this family. First, it should reflect the master's cultivation and taste. In addition, it should also pursue the coordination of light efficiency in different environments. Ceiling lighting in the living room should choose lamps with a strong sense of art, which can allow a full combination of multi materials, multi colors and multi luminous effects. For example, the popular aluminum, acrylic, crystal combination and glass combination in 2009, the gorgeous and gradual blue and white tone like the 'Water Cube', and the LED light band plus traditional light sources show up to five kinds of environmental lighting effects

in addition, if there are pictures and works of art in the living room, spotlights can be used as auxiliary projection lighting to make decorations or murals a highlight in the living room. A floor lamp can be placed beside the sofa to create a cordial atmosphere for family and friends to chat; If there are TV and other audio-visual equipment, wall lamps can be installed on the side to provide the best moderate lighting for the family watching TV

kitchen and bathroom lights: safety first

kitchen and bathroom smoke and water vapor are relatively heavy. Compared with lamps in other rooms, how to prevent dust, water and fog and ensure safe use are the most important

plastic and glass are the best materials for kitchen and bathroom lamps to facilitate cleaning. If the kitchen is also used as a restaurant, a single cover single head lifting or single-layer multi fork chandelier can be set above the dining table, and the light source should be warm color

the kitchen and bathroom lamp should be dust-proof, water-proof and fog proof, which depends on the tightness. When purchasing surface mounted kitchen and bathroom lamps, we must pay attention to whether there is a gasket at the bottom, which can effectively ensure the seamless connection between the lamp body and the wall. In addition, it is worth mentioning that in addition to the exposed and concealed kitchen and bathroom lamps, the integrated kitchen and bathroom lamps - that is, the lamps installed directly on the ceiling are also a popular trend in the market




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