The owners' tearful summary of decoration regrets

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I believe that many owners will sum up a lot of decoration experience after decoration, most of which are summarized with tears. They didn't look at the decoration experience more at the beginning, and they felt regretful when decorating. Now let's summarize some regrets about decoration for you. I believe many owners have fallen in

1. Find a decoration company and compare the decoration quotation. Only in this way can we roughly understand the market situation of the decoration market, and we can also have a general concept of the quotation of each decoration

2. If you know something about the market, it is recommended to choose half package decoration and buy main materials by yourself, which can also save a lot of money; If you don't understand, you can only choose all inclusive, but at least compare the quotations of several decoration companies

3. Look carefully at the decoration quotation list. There may be a lot of tricks in it, such as unclear material model, deliberately not writing some processes, deliberately writing less material consumption, etc

4. Be careful when signing decoration contracts, and be sure to see whether there are ambiguous words, such as “ Deposit and deposit ”, And “ One fake is worth ten ” Write as “ Leave one for ten ” of In addition, see clearly the liability for breach of contract in the contract. Don't have problems at that time, and there is no way to protect rights

5. Don't be in a hurry to pay for the decoration, which is generally paid in installments. In addition, the down payment should not be too high, otherwise the money will go into the pockets of the decoration company, and you will lose your binding force on the decoration company

6. Don't touch the load-bearing wall during demolition and reconstruction, which will affect the overall building construction, affect the load-bearing, and bring hidden dangers to future life

7. Concealed works are the key, and the quality of materials used must be good. Otherwise, if there is any problem in the future, maintenance will be troublesome

8. The socket at home should be sufficient. Don't wait until it's used. That will also increase the power consumption of a branch and bury hidden dangers

9. Composite floor can be selected as the ground decoration material. In fact, the price of composite floor is equal to that of ceramic tiles. Moreover, composite floor is easy to maintain, with good foot feel and a very comfortable taste

10. Don't install ceiling if the budget is not high. It costs money and accounts for the floor height

11. Don't follow the wind in the kitchen and make it an open kitchen. Lampblack is really difficult to solve. The whole room is full of lampblack smell, and the whole living room is easy to get dirty

12. Don't change the gas pipeline privately. If the gas company finds out, it will stop the gas and let you rectify it. Why bother

13. The bathroom must do a good job in separating dry and wet. Otherwise, once you take a bath, the whole bathroom floor will be full of water. Even if you use the toilet and wash your face, you will have to drag it all over the floor. It's really troublesome

14. Do not make the sliding door into a push-pull type, because the push-pull sliding rail needs to bear the weight of the whole sliding door. In a short time, the sliding rail is not easy to get dirty on the top, but after a long time of use, the bearing capacity may be poor

15. When entering the porch, don't directly see the panoramic view of the living room or even the bedroom. There is no privacy. In fact, you can design a screen partition

16. There should be no gap on the top of the hanging cabinet whether it needs to be topped or not. If it doesn't need to be topped, you can use a wooden board to cover the upper part, so you don't have to worry about the problem of ash falling

17. Tatami is not very practical. The storage space inside is inconvenient to use. A simple bed and a storage cabinet next to it are actually good

18. Balcony transformation should be cautious. If it is a convex balcony, the load-bearing is not very good, do not change it into a bedroom

19. The acceptance must be careful. Some projects are not done well for several times, and the workers may fool the past. If the owner does not check carefully, there will be trouble after moving in later

20. Arrange the wooden furniture at home, and then ventilate. Some families only do the hard decoration, and then ventilate, and make the wooden furniture in the bedroom before moving in. In fact, after the soft decoration of these furniture enters the site, it will bring a lot of pollution





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