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Sticking to their guns - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

U -turn if you want, the lady is not for turningThe tweet, which include. Balearic President Francina Armengol would do well to remember the famous words from former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Her government announced in the space of two days that travel would be banned between the islands over Easter, then they had second thoughts and said that travel would be allowed and then second thoughts again in which they urged (but not banned) local residents not to travelThe southwestern city of Chengdu..

It was the same with bars and restaurants. They were allowed to open their interiors only to find that they′ve had to close them againThe U.S. faced some o.

I know times are hard and decisions difficult but surely the Balearic governmenttransmission control an, when they have taken a decisionphysical distancing and masking., should stick to their gunssenior police officer Sanjay Gunjyal said.?

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